Change the Way You Think About Money A Self Guided Course

Are you ready to change the way you think about money? Are you ready to finally feel capable, empowered, and proud of your finances?  

In this 6 Week self-guided online training program, you get to learn my best tools for changing the way you think about money including the Abundance Scale, the 4 Types of Spending, and the 3 Types of Earning.  

Whether your goal is to pay off debt, increase earnings, limit mindless spending, boost your savings or to feel empowered, capable and worthy of financial freedom, this course will permanently transform the way you think and feel about money. It’s designed to give you approachable and easy-to-understand lessons so that you can quickly put the tools to use in real life.  

Here's what you'll learn...


Prepare for the truth

Money work isn't easy. To be honest, most of us avoid it because it's laden with shame, fear, and anxiety. Believe me, I get it. This week you'll learn that no matter who you are, or where you're at financially, you can learn to permanently change.


Telling the truth  

Most of us have never really been taught how to think about money. This week will change the way you see your monthly bills, your debt, your income, and the way that your household runs. You'll learn how to radically improve your finances by looking at money through new eyes.


The Truth About Spending  

You'll learn my best secrets to help you take charge of your spending. You'll also learn how to stop yourself from compulsively spending without feeling deprived. You'll learn why you are in debt (it's not your fault) and how to get out of debt (but it is your responsibility). This week alone will revolutionize your financial life.  


The Truth About Earning 

Learn my best secrets to help increase your earning. I'll teach you why you must feel good about the money you make. Whether you need to increase what you enjoy doing, or decrease what you don't love - you'll learn a quick and easy tool to help you feel worthy of earning more money.  


Recovering from the Truth

No matter what shape your finances are in, or how many mistakes you've made, you can learn to implement quick and easy strategies to help you meet your goals. Money work shouldn't leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Learn my easy strategy that will change everything.


Practicing the Truth

I want to set you up for success, so I'll teach you how to continue strengthening your relationship with money. You'll learn how to improve your relationship with money, with yourself, and with your life. By the end of this course, you'll completely change the trajectory of your financial life, and create lasting change.

How does this course work?

Money Love Workshop is split into six weekly trainings. Each week has an introductory audio lecture, journaling homework, reading assignments, and an audio lecture to recap the week’s work. The entire course is supported by the beautifully designed Money Love Workshop Workbook, and Money Love: Changing the Way You Think About Money. Digital copies of these books are provided within the course. They are also available via purchase on Amazon, should you prefer to have hard copies.  

Who teaches Money Love Workshop?  

Money Love Workshop is taught by me, Meadow DeVor. I'm the author of Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money and I speak, write and coach extensively on how our relationship to money relates to deeply personal and spiritual issues that go far beyond spending, earning and debt. I believe that our relationship to money is an exact reflection of our deepest held beliefs about our own worth.  

And there's more!  

As a bonus, you’ll also receive digital copies of both Money Love and Money Love Workshop (valued $34.98) so that you can begin changing your life today.  

In addition to the six weeks of course material, I’ve also included over 15 hours of bonus material (valued at $197). Listen to several private coaching calls where you can hear me work with individual clients on specific money issues. Plus I’ve included the best interviews I’ve done on Financial Sobriety, Debt Payoff, Burn Out, and Money Love.  


Value: $331  

Your price: $99 (for a limited time)  

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